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What is the price is always the number one question, but is it the MOST IMPOTANT question? Is "what is this business worth to me" not much more important? You must ask yourself "What can I earn with this business?" Do you realize that doing only one job per day, can let you survive in life? Yes, I do realize price is important, but what are you willing to pay for a business that you can carry with you and work where ever you are. Carry it in a briefcase/toolbox where you want to go and work anywhere. The prices are a little further down
Yes training is provided and there is no cost to the training. Training is absolutely free when a person comes to me in Kimberley, buy the repair system and stay for training.
Training is one day. But it depends on the progress of the learner and how long the person wants to stay. 5 hours is a good learning time. Some people prefer to stay for two days. That is fine with me.
We also do training trips to where the client is, but such a trip will be on the cost of the client. Self training is possible from the included training DVD and manual. but I prefer at least one day's practical training Training with one of the trained guys in your neighbouring towns/province is possible. But I do recommend training with me, if possible
Yes, most definetily.Every car on the road is a potential customer. The cost to repair a spot on the windscreen is in most cases less than R5. Your price for your professional service is on average R130 to R175 for the first spot. should there be more spots, you work on a sliding scale. a 30cm crack can cost around R10 to repair, take 15 minutes of your time and your price is between R200 and R250. Is that profitable?
You don't have a limitation on the length of a crack to be repaired. Any length can be repaired. The only limitation is the age of a crack. For the older the crack is, the more dirt will be in it. And we cannot remove the dirt.
That will entirely depend on your input and the area you will be operating in. The bigger your area and the more effort you put into marketing your business will give you a bigger income. But the way to look at it is; On average 7 cars a day is R1000 profit to you. Halve that, then 3 to 4 jobs gives you R500 per day. Or double it!!
Difficulty is only in the mind. As soon as you understand the work, it is not difficult. All we do is to replace the air in the spot/crack with resin and it becomes clear and permanently bonded. And a BIG YES!, women can do it exceptionaly well !!
You can arrange a date for training with me or I can send the repair system with a courier to you.
This is not a franchise, there for you will not pay any monthly fees. The money you earn is the money in your pocket. NO FEES. And there for you will not be restricted to any area. You may work where ever you want to.
We are supplying to a lot of people in the whole of southern Africa. There for it is our duty to import sufficient resin and other products to supply to all our clients needs. We always have sufficient stock of everything. We normally make use of post office overnight speed services for delivering of the products. If you order today before 2 o'clock, you have your order the following day - most places do have overnight service.
I offer permanent guarrantee on my work.
The price for the No Betr Windscreen Repair System - complete - is only R5000 (Five thousand Rand) The current US$ rate against South African Rand is R7.90 - convert you currency to US$ and multiply with R7.90. This include everything needed to do the work with. You don't have to buy anything extra to do the work with. No hidden costs!!
The price for the headlight machine operated system is R3750.(Three thousand seven hundred and fifty Rand) That include enough product to earn around R14,000. Afterwards you order only the consumables. The hand operated headlight restoration kit cost R800.
We normally send all items with post office overnight speed services courier mail. There for if you order and pay today, you have it tomorrow in your nearest post office. South African buyers: The price will depend on your order, but the windscreen repair system will be R225 and the hand polish kit R130. The machine headlight restoration system R250. But ask for a proper quotation. Outside South Africa - please ask for a quotation.
The price of our high quality resin that is distributed all over the world is only R250 for 15ml. It will mostly depend on the type of work that you will be doing that will determine what you can earn from it. As well as your prices. but we earn on average R7500 to R10,000 with a 15ml bottle of resin. A very high profit margin. You charge for the professional essential service that you deliver.
Our prices, depending on the size of the spot and the difficulty factor, vary between R130 to R250 for the 1st spot. There after the prices goes down on a sliding scale. Perhaps R75 for the second spot - depending on the size. Crack repair - R150 from 10cm to 20cm. R200 for a 30cm crack. You may charge more, but I believe in live and let live!
We charge betwen R350 to R500 for a set of lights that we clean, depending on the severity of the dullness and the size of the lights. Find A Technician Search for your closest technician below: search Subscribe To Our Newsletter Give us your email address and we'll add you to our newsletter mailing list: email subscribe Find Us On: Join us on any of the following networks:

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