No Betr Windscreen Repair Systems is a South-African based company who offers individuals a highly profitable business opportunity.

We offer technicians from across Africa professional and durable windscreen and headlight repair system which is easily operated by anyone capable (and willing) to work.

Included in our product is a full days training on using our repair system, a No Betr Windscreen Repair System certificate and we give our technicians access to our online support system where they can purchase products and request information and support for our products and services.

Starting in February 1988 we are one of the most experienced windscreen repair companies in Africa.

We are currently represented in 18 countries. Our windscreen repair systems were born out of what the customers needed:

Our Windscreen Repair Systems

  • keyboard_arrow_right Complete business in a toolbox
  • keyboard_arrow_right Repair nearly any size chip or crack
  • keyboard_arrow_right 100% Mobile Solution, battery operated system (4kg)
  • keyboard_arrow_right 2 repairs a day gives you R13,000.00 per month profit!
  • keyboard_arrow_right Work is guaranteed and refunded by most insurance companies
  • keyboard_arrow_right Free "in person" practical training included.
  • keyboard_arrow_right Repair windscreens, building glass, patio doors, showroom glass etc.

Our Headlight Restoration Systems

  • keyboard_arrow_right Restore headlights to near-new condition
  • keyboard_arrow_right Free "in person" practical training with training dvd.


Our professional-grade tools, resins, and equipment are preferred by industry leading professionals respected for quality, durability, and ease of use.


Our repair systems are used by technicians across Africa and repair cost is covered by most insurance providers. Each system comes with a 100% quality guarantee that won’t let you down.


All systems include professional in-person practical training at our offices and includes a training DVD to catch up on industry secrets in the comfort of your own home.